Our authentic selection process

The selection process has been developed based on the transparency in order to reach out for the best criteria of selection as shown below

1-Processing Applications

  • Define Matching Profiles.
  • Phone Screening.


2-Interviewing Candidates

  • Hiring Managers Interviews.
  • Required Technical Tests.


3-Assessment Centers

  • Opportunity related assessments.
  • Defining success rates.
  • Ranking most relevant.



  • Preparing the Offer.
  • Agreeing on Details.
  • Closing the Deal.


5-Medical Check

  • ELARABY Medical Coverage.
  • External Medical Coverage.




  • Required Documents.
  • Pre-requisite Preparation.


7-What you Need to Do

  • Understand the business.
  • Learn the JD.
  • Clarify your relevance.
  • Apply-Set Alerts-Join Community.



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